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Crystal Reports Fields Are Chopped Off Showing #####

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Crystal Reports Fields Are Chopped Off Showing ##### instead of the full field value.



This is not a setting in our software (and it's not a bug either).

It's a Crystal Reports formatting issue. You need to widen the field using Crystal Reports. Open the report in Crystal Reports and make the field wider.

It may not be doing it in Crystal Reports, but there's not anything in our software that's doing it either (there is no setting like MinimizeFieldWidth to adjust). Our software runs the report with the Crystal Reports runtime engine. It's the Crystal runtime engine that's different than Crystal Reports. Anytime this kind of formatting issue happens, the ONLY fix is to widen the field.

Note, this issue can also happen if the original printer the report was designed for is not available on the machine with Report Runner. Crystal Reports and the Crystal runtime engine both use the expected/original printer driver to format the report. If it's not there, it uses a default setting to format everything.

In general, when creating Crystal Reports, you should always widen the field so it's at least one to two characters wider than what it looks like it needs to be. It will prevent issues like this when you run the report on other machines and/or output to other printers.


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