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Can I run a report via the command line? How?

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Question: How do you run reports via the command line with Report Runner Viewer?

Answer: The basic keywords available via the command line are:

  1. jnReport=PathAndReportFileName
  2. jnID=DatabaseID
  3. jnPassword=DatabasePassword
  4. jnRecordSelection=RecordSelection (for "quotes" around strings, use a double pipe symbol: ||)
  5. jnDSN=DSN to use instead of DSN stored in report
  6. jnDatabase=Database to use instead of Database stored in report
If you have a Developer license, these additional keywords are available:

  1. jnParm1=Parameter1 (set up to 30 parms --- jnParm2=, jnParm3=, jnParm4=)
  2. jnPrinter=PrinterName (setting a printer also bypasses viewing of the report)
  3. jnCopies=99 (number of copies)
  4. jnAutoRefresh=99 (number of minutes to automatically refresh the report without user interaction)
  5. jnHideWindowTitle=1 (setting to 1 enables report to be viewed when maximized without a title bar)
  6. jnBuzzIfReportChangesDuringRefresh=1 (plays a sound if data changes in a report that's been set to auto-refresh)
Another feature of the Developer license is the ability to customize the logo shown in the lower left corner of the Viewer window and customize the color of the bottom section of the Viewer window. You configure this by modifying the [Developer] settings in JNRRV.INI:

'Your company/organization name; it will display in title bar of main app as Report Runner Viewer for Your Company Name
'Your custom logo file path (like c:\my company logo\logo.jpg) sized at 187x64
'URL to go to when user clicks on your logo
'Show the spinning gears with message
'This overrides the standard message with one from you
ErrorMessage=There was a problem with the command line options for this report. Please contact Support for assistance.

Sample command line:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Jeff-Net\Report Runner\Report Runner Unified.Exe" jnReport=c:\MyReports\Report1.rpt jnID=sqlsusan jnPassword=Reports!1


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